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ゆりの里 ユリーム春江

Yurinosato Park (Yurimu Harue)


In June, you must see the lilies in full bloom

A park of 150,000 blooming lilies. A lily-shaped communication and interaction hall stands on the site of 3,800 square meters. Open space of lawn spreads around, with barbecue space, adventure park, and slides. In June, when the lilies are in full bloom, the park offers a variety of attraction events. Along with them, they install a farmer’s market and a restaurant. Illuminations and projection mapping fascinate the visitors in evenings, allowing them to enjoy the park all year round.

  • 21-2-3, Ishizuka, Haruecho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
  • +81-776-58-0100
  • 20 minutes’ walk from Enchizen Railway Nishinagata-Yuri-No-Sato Station

36.14877362647281, 136.18833539809248