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あわら温泉屋台村 湯けむり横丁

Food Stall Village Yukemuri-Yokocho


Enjoy the Nostalgic Atmosphere of this Old-Fashioned Hot Spring Town Restaurant Alley

This restaurant alley makes a great place for travelers to meet the locals. The ten restaurants there serve okonomiyaki, chicken wings, yakitori grilled chicken,grilled organ meats, ramen, fried skewers, French cuisine, and more, for a great variety of delicious options. Each place has about nine seats, and no matter where you go you're bound to enjoy a nicely cozy atmosphere.(You can enjoy Yatai's (small bar-like restaurant) serving different kinds of food depending on the season you visit.)

  • At Yunomachi Plaza 1-203 Onsen, Awara City
  • +81-776-77-1877
  • 2 min. walk from Awara-Yunomachi Station on the Echizen Railway

36.22412546992496, 136.19272725576414