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Mikuni Onsen


Enjoy Breathtaking Sunsets from This Seaside Hot Spring Area

The area near the Tojinbo Cliffs features an incredible coastline, which is dotted with a number of unique hot spring inns, from luxurious ryokan inns to comfortably homey minshuku inns; all of these inns offer warm hospitality and delicious food, including freshly caught seafood — the locally caught Echizen Gani Crab, only available in winter, is so good that these inns get plenty of repeat customers in winter just for the crab.

  • Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture
  • +81 (776) 82-5515 (Mikuni Tourist Association)
  • Near Mikuni-Minato Sta. on the Echizen Railway

36.221077, 136.135791