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Old Morita Bank Main Office


A luxurious and elegant Western style building

The main office of a bank, built in 1920 by the Morita family, a wealthy merchant who tried to convert its business from ship broker into financial sector. It does not have gorgeous luxuriousness, but conveys delicate sense of grace with a large wellhole style hall, plaster on the ceiling, the service counter made of a single sheet of Japanese zelkova, heavy safe doors, beautiful inlay works applied on window frames and walls, etc. Today, the building is registered as a tangible cultural asset, and visitors can tour its inside with free admission.

  • 3-3-26 Minami-honmachi, Mikunicho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
  • +81-776-82-0299
  • 7 minutes’ walk from Echizen Railway Mikuni Station

36.213570367591466, 136.1495271980934