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Travel Around the Beautiful Scenery of Traditional Japan

The Echizen-Kaga area extends through the prefectures of Fukui and Ishikawa. This exceptional area is embraced by the sacred Mt. Hakusan, and runs along the abundant Sea of Japan. Today, the area's traditions of ancient religious roots, exquisite views, and delicious foods live on.

Sacred Grounds Embraced by Mt. Hakusan and Nourished by the Kuzuryu River

With Eiheiji Temple, the Yoshizaki Gobo Temple Remains, Takidanji Temple, Hakusan Heisenji Temple, and Kaga Daishoji in the mountain foothills, the Echizen-Kaga area is home to a remarkable number of temples. Each possesses its own distinct beauty and unique religious culture. Purify and soothe your spirit before the pure white beauty of Mt. Hakusan, and share a spiritual experience with the monks and priests of these religious establishments.

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