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Built Over 120 Years Ago, This Restaurant’s Elegant Atmosphere Has Been Beloved by Many Cultural Figures

This charming old-fashioned building (designated a cultural property, and now has been renovated) was originally built around 1900 in what was then a thriving entertainment district, as a high-end Japanese restaurant.
Today, the first floor is a restaurant, where visitors can enjoy local cuisine for lunch, as well as café items with a Japanese touch, with a view of the seasonal beauty of the garden outside. The second floor’s “umbrella ceiling,” which resembles an opened umbrella, is also a must-see.

  • 2-6-21 Hon-machi, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture
  • +81 (779) 87-1355
  • 10 min. walk from Katsuyama Sta. on the Echizen Railway
    10 min. drive from Katsuyama IC on the Chubu-Jukan Expressway

36.060542580013234, 136.49715914046539